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Alaska Log Books 1999

Signe & Jan before departing for Alaska (68K)

Port Ludlow, Washington - May 14, 1999

Diving for dinner (66K)

Silva Bay, B.C. - May 23-1999

Arrival of Kwaliutil canoes at the Alert Bay longhouse dedication (81K)
Fish Egg Inlet, B.C. - May 31, 1999

Jan & waterfall at sea level in BC (54K)

Ketchikan, Alaska - June 13, 1999

Signe & Patty boarding floatplane for a tour of Misty Fjords National Monument (72K)

Petersburg, Alaska - June 22, 1999

Signe conning us through the bergie bits in Tracy Arm (68K)

Tracy Arm, Alaska - July 9, 1999

Craig's coho salmon (68K)

Juneau, Alaska - July 22, 1999

Raven and the blue ice at North Sawyer Glacier (51K)

Petersburg, Alaska - August 5, 1999

Signe kayaking at Blunden Harbour (56K)

Ganges, Saltspring Island, B.C. - September 1, 1999

Jan and mountains at Tracy Arm Cove (51K)

Home - September 12, 1999

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