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Cruising Plans 2003-4

"We have no plans, and we’re sticking to them."

That's the first rule in the Cruisers' Code. Still, most of us have some idea of where we might like to go and when. Sort of. If the weather's right and we're in the mood.

So here's our cruising plan. But keep in mind that it will change, maybe drastically. That's what cruising is. 

Winters 2000-02

We had a great time on two Baja Ha-Ha rallies in 2000 and 2001, as well as two wonderful winters cruising the west coast of Mexico. Well, someone has to get these things done.

We'll arrive in Cabo San Lucas in early November and move on to Mazatlan for Thanksgiving and a big cruiser celebration.  Then work our way down to Puerto Vallarta, and eventually to Zihuatanejo, which is almost all the way south to Acapulco, by January, 2002.  'Zhiua' is our favorite Mexican seaside town, so we'll spend a month or so there, plus a few weeks at Tenacatita, another favorite cruiser hangout.

Spring 2002

Back north to Puerto Vallarta by the beginning of March 2002. We'll haul Raven for a bottom job and shift to racing mode for the Banderas Bay Regatta in mid-month. Then its time to prepare for the passage across the Pacific.  With luck, we'll leave PV in late March, with two friends as crew, for the cleverly-named 'Coconut Milk Run' across the South Pacific.

Trans-Pacific Cruise

Our first big-time bluewater passage is the longest one in the world, 2,800 nautical miles to the Marquesas Islands in French Polynesia. We hope to arrive there in mid-April 2002 for the start of the cruising season among the South Pacific islands. We'll try to spend almost six months visiting the many islands of French Polynesia, including the Tuamotus, Tahiti, and Bora Bora. Then a quick move through the Cook Islands and Tonga, and on to New Zealand. We should arrive in New Zealand by November 2002, just in time to avoid the cyclone season up in the South Pacific tropics. Raven will spend the winter in New Zealand, as will we for a few months at least, seeing friends and playing tourist in that extremely hospitable country.


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