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Alaska Log #1

Port Ludlow, Washington
May 14, 1999

We left Tacoma this morning, for a short run north to Port Ludlow. 'Raven' is so packed to the gills with equipment and spare parts that we were worried we might have to repaint the waterline. Actually, our main worry is not about running aground or sinking, but running out of books to read!

The plan is to travel quickly up the inside passage to the top of Vancouver Island -- ground we have covered in previous trips -- and then take more time with northern BC and Alaska. Some key dates:
June 13 - Ketchikan
June 28 - Juneau
July 12 - Glacier Bay (our farthest point, 1,500 mi. from home)
July 26 - Sitka (now we're into the serious boonies)
August 4 to 13 - West coast of Prince of Wales Is.
August 17 to 22 - Queen Charlotte Islands (waaay out there)
August 23 - Overnight passage to Vancouver Island
Sept 4 - Victoria
Labor Day - Home
But we're cruising, so those dates are only approximate.
More news later on. 
Signe & Jan before departing for Alaska (68K)(Click on the photo to see it full size)

Regards . . . Jan & Signe

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