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The Wedding & San Diego



Well, the kids are married and returned from their honeymoon, and we're gradually getting back into the cruising thing again.


Paul & Michelle's wedding at our home in Tacoma was nothing short of spectacular, if we do say so ourselves. Signe slaved for a couple of months to get the garden in shape, bringing back from the nursery and planting at least nine SUV-loads. Her flowers and the ones from the florist were glorious. We had a half-dozen tents in case of rain (this is the Pacific Northwest, you know) and it started looking grim the night before the Big Day. Rain started just after the rehearsal dinner and continued heavily through the night, making us all nervous. I looked at enough Doppler radar pictures on the internet -- trying to will them do the right thing -- to last a lifetime.


But the skies cleared in plenty of time and all was sunny for Paul & Michelle's celebration. The ceremony was beautiful and moving, the food was good --reportedly, anyway, as we never had a chance to eat! -- and the music was, too. Signe and I were pretty teary-eyed, as the photo shows, but friends told us that even though we're cruisers we still clean up pretty good!


We've included a couple of photos on this page (click on them to see bigger versions) and for the true aficionados click here for another page of wedding photos!


Signe and I will commute between Tacoma and San Diego until the end of October, throwing in a trip to San Miguel de Allende, in Mexico's central highlands, to learn a little more Spanish from a recommended teacher. We felt a bit lame last winter, only being able to converse in pidgin Espaņol at the 'dos mas margaritas, Ernesto, por favor' level. We hope to work up to the 'tres mas margaritas' level this time. 


Baja Ha-Ha 2001


Yes, the rumor is true. We had such a good time last year (click here for the log and photos on Baja Ha-Ha 2000) that Raven's crew is indeed planning to do the Baja Ha-Ha rally again this year. In fact, the organizers are using us as a lure for participants! Check this link for photos of Raven and the attractive couple who sail her . . .


This time Paul & Michelle can't join us, so we'll have two or three friends as guest crew for the ten-day rally from San Diego to Cabo San Lucas. Our good friend Mark Lindeman from Gig Harbor, who has been so helpful in preparing Raven for all our trips, will definitely be part of our crew. More news later on who else will be with us.


Cruising Plans for 2001-2


As always our plans are tentative, as befits proper cruisers (Remember the cruisers' Rule One: 'We have no plans and we're sticking to them.'), but it looks like we'll spend another tough winter cruising the west coast of Mexico, from Cabo to Mazatlan to Puerto Vallarta to Zihuatanejo and back to Puerto Vallarta by the beginning of March 2002. We hope to race again in the Regata Internacional Bahia de Banderas, and then at the end of March depart for the Marquesas and the rest of the French Polynesian islands. If all goes well, we'll reach New Zealand by November 2002. But more about that later.


Cruising Preparations


You'd think that, after all our work before we left home, and all last winter in Mexico, that Raven would be fully prepared for any bluewater cruise we might possibility conceive of. Well, not quite, especially since we hope to cross the Pacific next year. While she's in San Diego we have quite a few things to take care of: new rear crankshaft seal on the engine, complete new engine for the generator (ruined by a faulty salt water cooling installation), removal and rehab of our MaxProp, sailmaker adding reefing blocks to the mainsail, reworking the upper swivels on both jib and staysail furlers, removal and cleaning of all the running rigging, complete rig inspection, replacement of all the scratched deck hatch windows, replumbing the watermaker for easier operation, new plumbing to the fresh water tanks, new ham radio installation, new electronic data network, etc., etc., etc. The list is practically endless, but some of the major items are already done and we'll get through the rest by the end of October.


Watch for another update in October, before the Ha-Ha departs on October 30th.


Warm regards . . .  Jan


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