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Mexico Photos 2000-01

Click on each photo to see it full size.

Raven (14K) Turtle Bay sunset (58K) The night shift (62K) Happy Hour (63K)
Beach party with dinghies (62K) Ahead of the pack! (radar screen) (62K) Michelle felling a little better (61K) Moving with the Kite (61K)
Picnic with friends (62K) Michelle & Paul at the beach (62K) The Happy First Mate (62K) The family that sails together (61K)
The water's fine (62K) The Captain and First Mate (63K) Paul's yellowfin tuna (59K) Fish cleaning 101 (62K)
Squid art (61K) Two heads are better than one (63K) Now this is Sailing (61K) Just in case there's no food in Mexico (61K)
Movies Night aboard Raven (61K) Never enough time to sleep (63K) Thanksgiving blessing of the fleet (62K) Thanksgiving dinner - It's good! (61K)
Hava Corona y su Orquesta (61K) Marilyn, Steph & Signe dancing (34K) Twelve-piece Corona Thanksgiving band (61K) 'Indaras' and 'Ravens' at Thanksgiving dinner (62K)
Mazatlan buses are great (61K) Signe loves the markets (63K) Mazatlan fish market (61K) Mazatlan market (62K)
Mazatlan old town 1 (71K) Mazatlan old town 4 (77K) Mazatlan flower seller (55K) Jan & Signe in Puerto Vallarta (22K)
Fish camp at Isla Isabela (62K) Frigate birds at Isla Isabela (61K) Jan's bonito (62K) Love these beach parties! (33K)
Tiger cub in Paradise Village (14K) Signe & Patty - post-margaritas (32K) Patty Ecklebe with Jan & Signe in PV (31K) Zihuatenejo map (55K)
Sunrise at sea off Tenacatita (61K) Tenacatita French restaurant (62K) Bill & Signe swimming (63K) Bill Bergsten on the beach at San Juan de Lima (64K)
Alvarez kids and cottage at San Juan de Lima (61K) Cocodrilos in Marina Ixtapa (56K) Francisco & Signe (60K) Bill & Jan on the beach at Ixtapa (61K)
Ken Rick & Signe @ Rick's Bar (36K) Zihuatenejo beach (62K) Zihuatenejo bus (62K) Raven on the hook (60K)
Larry Ellison's missile frigate (26K) Raven anchored with palms (63K) Embroidery cushion by Signe (62K) Signe's embroidery cushions (43K)
Jan & Zihua port captain (59K) Signe squeezing the Elixir of the Gods (62K) Official cruiser wallet (77K) Dinghy raftup at Zihuatenejo (63K)
Sunset at Zihuatenejo (61K) Moon over Tenacatita (43K) Cleanup from big dominoes party (61K) Las Hadas (Bo long gone) (62K)
Jan & Signe on the jungle ride (88K) Jan & Signe at Tenacatita palapa (89K) Mike of Kachina says he's a 'spring' (91K) Pareos are for men too (cropped) (116K)
Shaved and happy (89K) Tenacatita dinghy raft-up (63K) Tienda in la Manzanilla (73K) High tech at the Capitan de Puerto's office (61K)
Jan & friend (61K) Jan's siesta (69K) Careyes anchorage and hotel (60K) Jan's siesta at Careyes hotel (61K)
Dominoes and pizza party (62K) Raven's regatta logo (59K) Michelle and the dolphins (61K) Grocery store in El Tuito (69K)
Mexican Train Dominoes with good friends (65K) Jan tasting mezcal-tequjila in El Tuito (58K) Raven's race motto (22K) Raven's 'Rail Meat' is good looking but much too light (68K)
Raven crew before regatta (68K) Raven's bowsprit artwork (60K) Mark's bowsprit antics (70K) Jockeying at the starting line (78K)
Setting the spinnaker (64K) Intensity in the cockpit (62K) Rounding windward mark ahead of Destiny (62K) Ken the human boom vang (73K)
Racing to windward (63K) Passing Cygnus (54K) An Unnatural Act (54K) Juanito & Juanotte (58K)
Isla_San_Francisco_peak_view (83K) Caleta_Partida_-_Jan_dragging_dinghy (60K) Agua_Verde_chapel (82K) Mexican_Danforth_anchor (82K)
Chacala_backyard (116K) Chacala_surfer_boy (85K) Chacala_beach_bar (103K) Caleta_Partida_-_Signe_and_dinghy (90K)
Isla_San_Francisco_hike (81K) Boobie_on_the_bow (80K) Caleta_Partida_-_Raven_at_anchor (101K) Agua_Verde_turkey_buzzards (80K)
Agua_Verde_cactus_and_Signe (77K) Isla_San_Francisco_anchorage (82K) Seagull_mama_on_her_nest (79K) Signe_finds_paper_nautilus_shells (106K)
Isla_Coyote_pueblo (73K) Isla_San_Francisco_cruiser_potluck (87K) Agua_Verde_concert (71K) Signe's_work_is_done (91K)
Baja_map (69K) Raven's_crew_for_the_Bash (96K) Bob_&_Steph_lashing_the_anchor (74K) KP_crew_on_the_Bash (65K)

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