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Gig Harbor Departure

July 21, 2000

The preparations, lasting at least eight months, were intense. All the equipment that had to be installed, upgraded or replaced — everything from radar to plumbing to running rigging — filled six single-spaced pages. Without Magnificent Mark Lindeman,Magnificent Mark Lindeman (51K) master of everything aboard a sailboat, Raven would surely never have left on time. Mark and I, sometimes working together under difficult deadlines or circumstances, became fast friends, and I’m sure Mark will join Signe and me more than once on our cruise.

Raven all decked out (42K)But things got done, or at least as done as they were going to get, so it was time to leave. The departure party was wonderful, as lots of friends came to celebrate, and Raven looked terrific. 

Signe was far too smart to have anything to do with a coast called “The Graveyard of the Pacific”, so four friends – Tom Sadler, Tony Horne, Ole Snoer, and Bruce Ellingson – and I did the passage from Gig Harbor to San Francisco aboard Raven. Tom, with his long experience off this coast, was captain, I was navigator, while Tony, Ole and Bruce were the real backbone of the crew. Experienced offshore sailors all, they gave me confidence that we’d be in good shape on this treacherous coast. Raven departing Gig Harbor (panoramic) (84K) The weather looked pretty solid for the next four days, with no gales predicted, so off we went.

Bruce, Ole, Tony, Jan, Tom (88K)    Raven crew, back view (49K)

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Regards . . . Jan

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