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Alaska Photos 1999

Click on each photo to see it full size.

Bergie bits in Tracy Arm (68K)   Blueberry pancakes (54K)  Captain emerging triumphant from the engine room after conquering the watermaker . . . temporarily (41K)  Captain's new mooring technique (72K)

Craig's Coho (Glacier Bay) (68K)  Diving for dinner (66K)  Rock wall in El Capitan Passage, Prince of Wales Island, Alaska (99K)  Finished! (62K)

Jan and mountains at Tracy Arm Cove (51K)  Jan & Signe in Glacier Bay (38K)  Jan & Signe at the helm (51K)  Jan & Signe kayaking in Blunden Harbour, BC (56K)

Waterfall in BC (54K)  Jan at the helm in the rain . . . again (58K)  Navigating by laptop (58K)  Captain in the pilothouse (51K)

Kwakiutl nobles Alert Bay longhouse dedication (98K)  Arrival of Kwaliutil canoes at the Alert Bay longhouse dedication (81K)  Signe and our NZ friend Lise (86K)  View of Misty Fjords National Monument from chartered float plane (53K)

Raven at Sucia Island, with Mt. Baker in the background (35K)  North Sawyer Glacier, Tracy Arm, Alaska (74K)  The Prawn Hunter (70K)  Prawnzzz! (61K)

Rainbow in Hoonah, Alaska (186K)  Rainy fashion statement (65K) Raven and the blue ice at North Sawyer Glacier, Tracy Arm, Alaska (51K)  Raven anchored in Blue Mouse Cove, Glacier Bay (61K)

Raven in front of North Sawyer Glacier, Tracy Arm (75K) Sailing in Glacier Bay.jpg (50511 bytes) Signe with a small blue iceberg (35K) Departure day for the Alaska cruise (69K)

Signe and Patty boarding the floatplane (72K)  This crab's goose is cooked! (75K)  Signe embroidering in the pilothouse while under way (55K)  The cook at work in the galley (55K)

Signe kayaking in Blunden Harbour, BC (56K)  Signe navigating (65K)  Signe catching some sun on the bow while under way (62K)  Breakfast is up! (71K)

Signe writing in the logbook (65K)  Yes, we're having fun (58K)  After dinner rowdyness with good friends (45K)  Spinnaker up for the first time! (76K)

Sunset at Fanshaw, Alaska (54K)  Totem pole carvers in Sitka, Alaska (42K)  Tracy Arm, Alaska (55K)  Humpback whale's tail in Glacier Bay (22K)

Which one is the crab? (57K)    Hostess receives guests for dinner (38K)


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