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You know you’re a cruiser . . .

You know you’re a truly committed long-term cruiser if:

  • When asked who you are, you give your first name and your boat’s name, not your surname.

  • You cannot truthfully answer all of the following questions: Address? Telephone number? Occupation?
  • You do not know the day of the week without serious thought and discussion with other cruisers on VHF.
  • You have on your boat at least one ‘temporary fix’ that has been in place for more than a year.
  • You have stopped believing in the phrase ‘worldwide warranty.’
  • You never tack more than once a day, and then only after long consideration.
  • You can’t view a sunset without automatically reaching for a beer.
  • You have been asked ‘What do you do all day?’ at least 1,000 times. You no longer try to respond seriously to this question.
  • You haven’t worn a button-down shirt or blouse in the past year.
  • You no longer own a pair of leather-soled shoes.
  • All of your shorts have battery-acid holes, mismatched patches, and grease spots.
  • Your latest sartorial look is somewhere between ‘scruffy’ and ‘Calcutta street beggar.’

[Sail Magazine, February 2001, p. 14, with amendments and additions]


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